I inhaled the lyrics like the meal of a lifetime. The melody filled me, from the base of my soul to the tips of my toes. I became overwhelmed with a desire to share it, like the perfect bite. I was hungry to express and create. So, I did. I dove in and the waves answered.

On November 15, 2019, Lady Antebellum released Ocean, their first project with a new record label, Big Machine Label Group. Ocean‘s title track inspired this project – a creative finding of an honest longing to be let in and able to love at depths even the ocean can’t fathom.

Discover Ocean wherever you stream, and step into the waves below. Thank you for this gift, Lady A.

Here you are, next to me

So much beauty at my feet

All I wanna do is swim

But the waves keep crashing in.

Model: Sarah Unruh

Art Department: Dillon G Artzer

Location: Venice Beach, California

Ocean was written by Tofer Brown, Sarah Buxton, and Abe Stoklasa. It was produced by Dan Huff.

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