This year has been filled with highs and lows. For me, the best of those have been experienced in hiking boots. On the toughest climbs, it’s easy to get lost in just putting one foot in front of the other—again and again. While sometimes it’s all one can do to push through, the moments I […]

Zion National Park

Adventuring through two dynamic cities with two of my favorite ladies brought double the laughter, double the love, double the trouble (of course!), and double the fun! With an “itinerary” planned for three days in New York City and two days in Boston, we hopped a 6 a.m. flight bursting with enthusiasm for the explorations […]

♪ She said I think I’ll go to Boston…I think I’ll start a new life. ♪ Augustana knew what they were doing when they wrote these lyrics. A city filled with rich history, vibrant people, unmatched views, and delicious eats is sure to entice the masses. These aspects of Boston drew me in as a visitor (for […]

It’s official, there is no better way to celebrate 60 years of life than an adventure in Portland, Maine! In the fall of 2016, my beautiful mother turned 60 (rumor has it, 60 is the new 30), and to celebrate we took an incredible trip to Portland, Maine. With an offer to go anywhere, ANYWHERE, she knew […]

Sailboat in Portland, Maine